Parent Communication

What are some things that you can do to have effective communication with parents?

1. Provide them with clear student expectations. This will include learning goals and your classroom rules and procedures.

2. Always keep a student's current phone number for emergencies. Also, call parents to provide positive comments or words of encouragement when needed.

3. Give parents a classroom schedule. Parents want to know the daily routines of their child. Include teacher conference time and lunch time hours.

4. Parent-Conference Days are very valuable. This may be the only time you ever see some of these hard working parents. Sometimes it's hard for them to take a day off to attend the conference. For this reason, you must provide relevant information, academic accomplishments, concerns, goals, etc.

5. Send out a weekly newsletter. This helps parents stay up to date with the many things that students are learning.  It's also helpful to provide information about upcoming  school events.

6. Use a daily or a weekly folder.  It may include student work, classroom notes, behavior notes, school
notes and district notes.

I hope that these tips help you communicate with your student's parents.

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